Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What I know so far

So I wanted to finally write and let everyone know how this place is... what I am up to and such! So first off I got here and was so happy to finally be in a place I could call home! My house is wonderful. It is in the middle of the city and in walking distance to pretty much everything I need. It is nice to live here with the wonderful tropical breeze everyday.... however that doesnt mean it isnt super hot! Everyday it is so so hot. The breeze helps however. So my town is like a small city, with palm trees. I walk out my front door and there is the main street through town! We have a bakery right beside the house so every morning and evening it begins to smell like fresh bread! YUM! Everyone who knows me, KNOWS that bread is definitely my favorite food! Needless to say the guys in the bakery know me well, and every time I leave they say see you tomorrow! haha. I also like to go in there because they help me with my portuguese! God has certainly put some amazing people in my path so far! I will tell you about a few of them....

First off the missionaries that are already here have been nothing but wonderful since we have arrived! They take care of us, and if we have a problem with the house, they immediately come to help! It is pretty incredible the amount of time they spend serving us!

Next is our wonderful language converser, Suzanna. She comes in the morning and just helps us with conversational portuguese! She helps us also get around town and get things we need! It is so nice to have someone who knows the town, knows the prices, and knows the people! It has been neat to learn about her and her family as well! She is a wonderful mother to 4 children... three of them being newborn triplet girls! Two of them are identical. I found this interesting also bc several people know that my cousin Ansley has triplet boys with two being identical! So thats cool! Today with Suzanna we took her babies to be weighed at the hospital! That was interesting to see. It was also interesting to walk from her house to the clinic with each of us carrying one baby plus we each had an umbrella... not to mention it is over 80 degrees. haha. Not many strollers here, plus if they had one the roads arent quite made for them. : ) However we made it, and I probably lost a few pounds getting there. haha. All that to say this, it is so interesting to be part of a culture that has not found the easiest way to do everything. They do what they have to and it is beautiful actually. Also keep Suzanna in your prayers. Having triplets is tough, especially here, plus she is studying the bible frequently with one of the missionaries here so just pray for continual growth with her relationship with the Lord.. and for her children to follow Christ as well! Here are some pictures of two of the triplets plus Suzanna!

Also we have been teaching Suzanna how to play Uno! She asks us to play everyday now! : ) 

So we also have this incredible neighbor who cooks for us and sends us snacks a lot! She makes chamussas which are the BEST and pizza, and man what an incredible woman! Her family is muslim, so I hope and pray that God would use us in her life as a strong witness! 

So in a small town, you start to see the same people! They recognize you and you begin to make connections! I like living here, although its a challenge, I can see it being a good place to call home for the next two years! 

<3 You should come visit! 

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