Sunday, November 21, 2010

What just happened??

Well... I am finally back in South Africa and I feel as though I just went through a spinning dust cloud (which I literally kind of did)! Training was difficult. I wont lie. It was the furthest thing thing glorious and it was a struggle everyday. Some mornings when I would take walks I would recharge myself, but it was a different world in West Africa. I will say, it made me EXTREMELY grateful for where I came from and for everything that God has given me. The people I met survive daily on less than most Americans would during a two day camping trip. It is a very hard thing to be around everyday. But with that said... if you look at my pictures on Facebook, you will see that there is beauty there, you just have to see it through God's eyes and not your own. That in itself is a struggle.

To not have the world's perspective is a hard thing to try and do when you are in the middle of something so new. It becomes hard to understand the differences. I had a friend tell me while we were there, "You know you come to Africa from America with a big educational background, and when you get here they have to reteach you how to use the bathroom." Its hard. Its frustrating. and Its sad. It was a crazy experience.

Most of the time I was physically sick because of the changes but I will say this. It is a great thing to learn the gospel and be able to say it out loud to someone who have never heard the name of Jesus. I learned how to do that in a way that most Africans understand and respond to. I also thought it was neat to see that my job, my goal daily is to tell people about Jesus, and actually do it! It was pretty incredible.

it was a good experience... im glad it is finished and I am ready to go to Mozambique FINALLY on TUESDAY!!