Friday, June 24, 2011

It's been a while....

So I realize I havent written in so very long. Please forgive me. Life gets so crazy here, and I just forget to remind everyone what is going on! Everyday I wake up and can't believe I live here... and then I go outside and I can never believe half the things I see... haha.. in the sense that things are so different here. I try to just go with it. So any way I have found that God gives you things JUST when you need them... not when we think we need them but when He knows we need them. In March (yes this was a long time ago) I went to a mission retreat PRAYING God would open a door, an opportunity for me... well... He did. He is so good. I got a offer to go teach some missionary children in Zambia for a month. So this "out of nowhere" offer... was for a training that new missionaries coming to Africa have to participate in when they get here. I had already been to one as a participant but this time I would go as staff. As most of you know I adore hanging out and teaching children. I love it... it always seems to bring the best out in me, so i was pretty excited about this experience. So I went in mid April to mid May... and well.. God changed my whole outlook on my life here. I met some of the most wonderful people I have ever met who encouraged me and who will forever be great friends of mine. I got to hang out and teach the COOLEST kids! They became some of my best friends. We got to experience so many new experiences together like our first African waterpark... were jeans or underwear are the main outfits you see! haha We went to a Crocodile Farm and held snakes together, we built fires, made dirt bullets, shot slingshots, learned how to cut grass the African way (with a HUGE knife slasher thing), lived with no electricity and running water for 2 weeks, and just spend time together! I love every single one of them and I could never say enough about how each one of them gave me a new outlook on Africa. I could not have been more blessed. NOT to mention the missionaries I worked with and me became so close through the month too! I found some of my best friends at that training!  I thank God so much for that experience and hope and pray that next year I can go back and help out again!! With all that said... below is a picture of me and just the kids as well as the whole group that was at the training!

By the way... I also got to see three movies (in a theatre), get a pedicure, and dye my hair with red streaks in it in Zambia as well!!! It's really the little things that matter here! : )) 

So when I returned... God had already opened some other doors for our ministry here! We had gotten four girls who were ready to help us with our ministry! So once a week each one of them comes for a bible study.. I study with two of the girls and Jessica studies with the other two. This has been fun for me. I like studying The Word with the two girls I teach. I love how they love to discuss things, and they ask you deep questions or real questions without ever being embarassed or scared to do so! They are both incredible girls and I am super blessed to have them in my life! 
Flora, Gilda, and Me!!! : ))

Also doors to our ministry within the schools have opened as well. Starting June 30th... we will be teaching True Love Waits once a week in two different schools here. One is a university for teacher education, and the other is a high school! We have a LOT of girls that our going to be in our class. I ask that you would pray that these girls would enjoy and accept our teachings. It is going to be tough but we are ready to start and see what God brings of this new opportunity!

Another thing that I have been doing is having a bible study with a girl who was a non-believer.  I meet with her every Monday morning... her name is Zelda and she is super sweet and super awesome! During our third bible study, Zelda accepted Christ into her heart! I was super excited. Many prayers for many years have gone up for this girl My supervisor new her way before she even knew I existed and to know that i played even a little tiny part in her salvation is so neat! Pray that our bible studies continue to go well, and that she will begin to tell others! 
This is Zelda and Me! 
The last thing that is going to start happening pretty soon... I am super pumped about! I have been asked to help teach children here how to read. So of course I was excited about this! My friend Wanne and I are going to teach children at our church and put up flyers in the neighborhood to invite kids to come! We hope that this will also bring families and children to church on Sunday! A lot of children here struggle with reading and we want to help as much as we can. So this starts on July 5th! : )

Last I will just say how much I love going to the beach as well. The beach has always been one of my favorite places and well I live pretty close to one! We got the opportunity to take one of our friends and her family to the beach the other day and it was so much fun! She has triplets and it was there first time at the beach! It was a great and fun experience!  :)) 

So the first picture is Suzanna and Alicia. Then me and Alda... then Tome not wanting to touch the water, and Alda playing in the water! : ) 

So I say things are going pretty well here! Just living life in Africa and making friends! Also I am awaiting soon my family who will arrive on August 8th or 7th... : ) We are going to Cape Town, Kruger, and Victory Falls... then they will come visit my lovely town of Quelimane! My mom and sister are going to get to stay for a week later than my brother and father and I am SUPER excited! : )) 

That is all for now... i will leave you with a picture of the marginal in my town when the sun has almost set... it is the most beautiful place in my town (in my opinion). Thanks for reading! 

Quelimane, Mozambique