Tuesday, October 19, 2010

West Africa ....Here I come!

Hey everyone!
Well South Africa has been fun.... but I have to head up to a training tomorrow in West Africa! I will not have my computer so I may not be able to blog or skype for a while.... sad... but also good too!

Well... I love you all and I will blog as soon as I can!!!

: )

Saturday, October 16, 2010

a little more of Africa! : )

I wanted to show some pictures of where I am right now..... so lets starts with the Guest House... So this is where I am staying for now! It is very nice!

There is a view from this place that is gorgeous of the city skyline so that is what the next picture is....
That is what I saw when I walked out my door this morning...and I loved it!
Also.... today I got to go to a mall (YES!) And here is a picture of that...

It was a big mall!!! It has been fun to just hang out and be in the city!
The final picture is of some wonderful friends I have here! I am so grateful that God has put people here already for me to have good times with! I got to have dinner with them and just have great fellowship! There names are Suzanne, Kristin (back seat brown hair) and Jessica (blonde hair back seat)! You can keep them on your prayer lists as well! It has been a good day! : )

 GOOD NIGHT... I will blog soon! : )

I have Arrived... well to Africa at least! : )

Well... I have arrived in South Africa! It is most beautiful here, and pretty cold. But it is nice! I will be here for only about 4 days and then I am heading off to West Africa to do a training there! I am so grateful for all the thoughts and prayers that my friends and family have been giving me! You all are incredible! I will miss you all so very much!!! And I love every one of you! 

Okay so lets see... When I first got to Charlotte to leave... they took everything out of one of my bags of course! Fun times but that is the only real trouble I had baggage wise. I am impressed and grateful that every one of my bags showed up in South Africa! YES! I got to meet up with my team mates in Atlanta and then we all flew together on a 14 hr. flight to South Africa! 

When we arrived... we dropped our bags off at BIMS (its like a Baptist guest house) and then headed to dinner! Um I could pretty much live here ( but I dont get to) because it is amazing! We went to an italian place... and this is what I found... 

Yes.. that is correct! my love... coke zero...they had it at the restaurant! I just wanted to show this so that all of you who said I would never have it again (mom) you were incorrect! : ) haha 
it was a beautiful thing! 

So after dinner... I got to experience a south african grocery store... it was pretty much the same as America... with katy perry playing over the radio. I found peanut butter here... and they have peanut butter with chocolate chips. YUM. 

After the grocery store I headed over to visit my wonderful friend Kristin Glaze! It was so awesome to see her apartment ( for all of you who dont know she is one of my friends from training in Richmond). It is just great to be here! Although I am tired, it's good! 

Thank you again for all the prayers and support! I will continue to post as much as I can!