Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have Arrived... well to Africa at least! : )

Well... I have arrived in South Africa! It is most beautiful here, and pretty cold. But it is nice! I will be here for only about 4 days and then I am heading off to West Africa to do a training there! I am so grateful for all the thoughts and prayers that my friends and family have been giving me! You all are incredible! I will miss you all so very much!!! And I love every one of you! 

Okay so lets see... When I first got to Charlotte to leave... they took everything out of one of my bags of course! Fun times but that is the only real trouble I had baggage wise. I am impressed and grateful that every one of my bags showed up in South Africa! YES! I got to meet up with my team mates in Atlanta and then we all flew together on a 14 hr. flight to South Africa! 

When we arrived... we dropped our bags off at BIMS (its like a Baptist guest house) and then headed to dinner! Um I could pretty much live here ( but I dont get to) because it is amazing! We went to an italian place... and this is what I found... 

Yes.. that is correct! my love... coke zero...they had it at the restaurant! I just wanted to show this so that all of you who said I would never have it again (mom) you were incorrect! : ) haha 
it was a beautiful thing! 

So after dinner... I got to experience a south african grocery store... it was pretty much the same as America... with katy perry playing over the radio. I found peanut butter here... and they have peanut butter with chocolate chips. YUM. 

After the grocery store I headed over to visit my wonderful friend Kristin Glaze! It was so awesome to see her apartment ( for all of you who dont know she is one of my friends from training in Richmond). It is just great to be here! Although I am tired, it's good! 

Thank you again for all the prayers and support! I will continue to post as much as I can! 



  1. I totally thought of you the first time I saw Coke Zero in Cape Town!! Glad you've been able to have some, too. See you soon!

  2. Hey Sally,

    My name is Lela and I work for Coca-Cola. It sounds like you're having an amazing time in South Africa. I'm sure the highlight was finding a nice, cold Coke Zero. What can I say? We're everywhere! I hope the rest of your trip is just as fantastic!