Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nosso Deus nunca falhará!

So its probably not news to many people that learning a new language is difficult. Especially when you are like me and are used to having a lot of friends around to talk to. Here... its is different. To make friends I have to think so hard about what I am going to say and then try to say it in the best portuguese I can muster up. Then after that I have to pretend that I understood all the words the person said back to me and try to respond. Sometimes it just ends in "Im sorry, I am learning portuguese and only know a little." But despite this I have managed to try and connect with this one young lady who works at a supermarket (minus the super part) that I frequently go to. I started with hello, then the next week I started with I like your shirt where did you get it? I did this kind of thing for this whole month every time I would see her. Until one day she asked me to go shopping with her! I was in shock that she would want to be my friend when we could barely speak to each other. Well the bad news is I never got to go shopping with her, and yes I was sad but God still had a plan for us. I got her phone number one day and began to text her messages of hello, how are you and have a good day! And then one day she sent me a message saying the same kind of thing. I was so happy... although it did take me about 2 hours to figure out what the whole message said because our internet was down! haha. So the morning she sent me that was this past Sunday and this Sunday being the first Sunday that I did not go to church in the morning. We were planning on going to a church in the evening. Well what I awesome opportunity to invite her. How remarkable it is to me that God planned this out that we would not be in church when she text me but that we would be going to church later. So I decided I would try to figure out how to invite her to church! I did... and well... GOOD NEWS... She said yes!  :) I was overjoyed. This was our first time at this church but when we got there it was mostly college age men and women and it was a church that was evidently on fire for Christ. I wanted to cry. I was so happy that there was a place here like that, catering to the young generation of believers. I was in awe of what God put together...and all he asked of me was to invite her to church. Thats all. And the rest He took care of on his own. 
This reminds me of the two stories in the bible. The first being of Joshua when they are crossing the Jordan river and all God asks in order for them to get across is to put their feet in the water. And also the story of Peter walking on the water and Jesus only asked him to take that first step. God doesn't ask too much of us. He asks that by faith we follow Him, that we trust and obey Him in what He asks of us. It is amazing how God shows Himself so amazingly when we just do what He asks of us. We serve a big God who never fails. 
Praise God! 

So... Jamila is the girls name that I have befriended. She is muslim and it was her first time in this church. So continually keep her in your prayers as I continue that relationship! 

Also another prayer request is for Suzanna who has triplet girls who just turned ONE! They are all three a little under the weather, one of them has malaria so please keep them in your prayers! Their names are Alicia, Tomme, and Alda (im not positive that is how they are spelled). Here is a beautiful picture of them! 

Alicia is up top... then Tomme is bottom left, and Alda bottom right.  

Here is their cute birthday cakes... they all three blew out the candles at the same time! : )