Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking on the bright side...

This town is crazy when I think about it sometimes. But it is nice, and when people get to know you they are super nice and do super nice things for you! Man the other day, I was really searching the town for some coke zero and i was just sure that the entire town had run out, sad! So the last store we went to was called Jumbo and they didn't have any but I proceeded to ask the guy that worked there if he ever got any in and he said no. Then I must have looked pretty sad (playing the Shoney's card)  because he then said, hold on..... he got on his phone called someone and said come back this afternoon and I will have a case for you! WHAT??? REALLY?? that was my response. If people do that in America then I have already forgotten, but I was so shocked and excited! So wonderful... its really the little things that make me most happy over here! 
So anyways little things like finding coke zero, and dove body wash just can make your day here. The people here make this town not so bad. They are so kind and I can tell that when I actually learn more of the language there will be many friends to be made! : ) 
Also I know it is almost Christmas and everyone may be wondering how I feel about spending Christmas in Africa? I will say this, the heat... helps in not thinking that it is actually Christmas. So I don't think it will be too tough this year. Yes I will miss all the traditions but it is also an experience I would never want to change! : ) Plus who wouldn't want to go to the beach two days before Christmas? 

Everything is going well here. Its hot, everyone pray for rain to cool it down. 

I love you all! Miss you all! and hope that everyone has the best Christmas! 

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  1. Sally!! So I've been out of town, and just now got caught up on your blog! Love your stories!!! Keep writing them! Love that you were blessed with coke zero, love that you have a bakery. love suzanna, she's gorgeous! And so are the triplets. Excited for you as you learn the language. I'm sure it has to be insanely hard and frustrating. But like you said, you are the amazing creation of an even more amazing Creator and he knows exactly what he is doing with you! :) LOVE the stories of the church and how they pray for you on the spot. What an awesome testimony of the body of Christ! crazy about you! Love, Em