Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lets learn Portuguese...

So as anyone could guess... language learning is difficult. Not always super difficult but when you talk to someone not only do you have to translate what you want to say into words... but you have to actually know what they are saying to you. That is a LOT to think about just for a simple "How are you?" conversation! Shew. After one conversation you are mentally exhausted. However getting down and thinking you can not do it is not the way to go. During my first week of language study God used two different devotionals to speak to me. The first being from Oswald Chambers... "The way we continually talk about our own inability is an insult to the Creator."Wow. How true though, that when we even begin to believe or even think that we are incapable, what does that say about the God who created us in His image. Everyday shouldnt we wake up and believe that we are created in the likeness of God and whatever we face today we can conquer because we are made by the most excellent Creator! : ) How encouraging to read this during my first few days here. I would just challenge everyone who reads this to think about a place in your own life where you feel incapable.. and just trust that God can do all things, so through Him you can do all things! : ) Along these same lines I am reading a book by Beth Moore written with missionaries all around the world! I was reading one of the devotions and it was about a family learning language. (of course) and the verse to go along with it was this... "Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus... and being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death, even death on a cross." Phillipians 2: 5, 8
This verse also spoke greatly to me. Not only should I not say, "I cant do this," but I should also have an attitude of Christ all the time. Granted this is very difficult for the flesh, but God will help you if you ask!

I have found language to be frustrating but also very rewarding when you can say things such as, "Do you know Jesus?" (Voce conhece a Jesus Cristo?) and Jesus gives me hope, strength, peace, and eternal life! (Jesus me da esperanca, forca, paz, e vida eterna!) Being able to talk about the things that are most important... and the things God wants me to tell people while I am here, is very rewarding to have learned these things already and I can already attempt to tell others about Jesus! : )

Praise God! Gloria a Deus!

Here is a picture of my other language professor Carla!


  1. It is wonderful to hear how your life in Africa is progressing. It is all so fascinating and inspiring. I hope your first Christmas away from home and family is the most God-filled and wonderful experience. Although we miss you terribly, I think this is an opportunity to know Christmas in a way that you will share with us when you are back where we can hug you. Much love from the Jennings in Knoxville and New York City.

  2. Hello Sally,

    It sounds like wonderful work that you are doing in Mozambique. My daughter is graduating from highschool and she is looking for a place that she can study Portuguese and volunteer working with youth or community members in the process. She attends a performing arts school and is very talented and has much to offer. I work in international dev field and am looking for possible places that she can spend time this summer. Would you recommend where you study and do you have more information that you can share on how she might be able to get involved.
    Thank you,
    Sonya Shannon