Thursday, March 15, 2012

one at a time.

I have recently had a HUGE growth in my children's Sunday School class. By huge, I mean 30 all the way to 136 in 3 weeks. That is huge in my opinion. When I was going back through my Sunday School pictures from when I started, I realized the first class that I taught on my own was one child, ONE. It was me and her, thats all talking about how God created us. Looking back I can not believe that all these children have come to hear the Word of God, but then again, Who can stay away once they have heard the truth?? WHO??? no one. That is why I believe my class has been growing. They have finally found the truth, the love they have been longing for. They have found a Father who loves them the way they are, they have found a place who accepts them for who they are, and they have found friends within the church who care for them. I am so blessed to have this experience, to see this growth, to teach the basic Christian stories to precious children who have never heard before. I am honored to be able to present Jesus to these children who He LOVES so very much! I am blessed beyond measure to see the love of Jesus in each of their eyes, and I am always trusting God that in the future He will use this Sunday School class to help these children know Christ in a deep, personal way.
I have done nothing really to grow this Sunday School class. I just keep teaching what I know, and loving on them every time I am with them. I have realized that loving one at a time, smiling at them, giving them hugs, telling them how wonderful they are, reminding them how much God and myself loves them, encouraging them, are how I can show them the love of God and not just tell them about it. It is more than just speaking, it is loving, one at a time, any kind of love I can give! : )

so thats what i am doing... loving each one of them, as much as I can!

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