Sunday, December 11, 2011

Other parts of life...

I do realize that children are a huge part of my life here, in fact they are a huge part of my life all together. But you should know that I do work with more than just children here in Quelimane. This morning I got the amazing opportunity to witness the young lady that I won to the Lord (through Jesus and not of my own power AT ALL) be baptized. We went thinking that she was not going to be baptized today but she changed her mind and now she is a public Christian! I have seen her through her entire walk with Christ and I have been blessed to be her friend as well. Her name is Zelda and here is a beautiful picture of us on the beach this morning where she was baptized.

Also I have been teaching English to a few ladies including the one above. I have been blessed to get to know them and just be able to spend time with them. Everytime I am with them they always make me laugh and we have a great time. Their names are Elsa and Yonna. Elsa was baptized this morning as well!! What a fun time on the beach together! 

After the baptism we returned to church to a huge crowd of children. Today I did not teach Sunday School because we were so late getting back from the beach... but I did still sit with them and I have determined that God put a special place in my heart for children. Hearing a child say my name for the first time, and hug me...  touches my heart in a way that nothing else does. I do work with many people here in Quelimane, but daily I grow to see that children have a special place in my life! 

Beto and I... <3 

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  1. Sal that is so wonderful to hear about the girls getting baptized! I'm so proud of you and honored to call you a friend!! Love you!!