Monday, November 7, 2011

Sure... go ahead... pick your nose!

I always find it funny how the things that are inappropriate in the US are just fine and dandy here! It is not uncommon to have a conversation with someone while they are picking their nose in front of you! Its also not uncommon for breastfeeding to happen anywhere, anytime..... but show your knees in pubic and we have a problem! Anyway that goes to say that there are little things here that you just have to get used to. Everyday there is something else that creeps up on you that you don't understand. I have continually had to adjust to this culture but also it is a beautiful culture as well. I also have to adjust to changes that come my way. I had been struggling with why the Lord had even sent me here some days. I wondered why I was doing student ministry and not working with kids. My frustration continued for a while until the Lord allowed me an opportunity to teach some kids in my church neighborhood how to read Portuguese. I LOVE this so much... and it has been a huge ministry for the community and for me as well... I love getting to know these children, knowing about their lives, trying to meet some of their families. It has just been overall FUN! When my mother and sister came into visit they even got to participate with me and they taught 2 kids that day! Without knowing ANY portuguese at all... they helped in my ministry and that made me super excited! Below is a photo of the morning and afternoon groups of reading kids.... HOWEVER.... the group always changes even though we have a good many constant attenders! : )
Morning Group 

Afternoon Group 

So.... after this opportunity arose.. I found myself really trying to pour into these children. I started a lot more work with the Sunday School class at my church. Usually an average day in Sunday School is singing, a story, then an activity!... The activities go along with the story and being able to experience giving children this type of art experience for the first time, is amazing! We do things like coloring, making a paper plate snake, folding a piece of cardstock to make it into a basket, lacing hearts with yarn! It has all been super fun for me and I do believe that the children like it! : ) This last week we learned about a new heart in Jesus... and they designed their own hearts.... one side had the word for sin on it, representing our hearts without Jesus, i told them to design that side dirty, that they could even put dirt on it... also the heart had holes around the edges... representing that we have holes in our hearts without Jesus. Then we flipped the heart over and had the bible verse, "I will give you a new heart." and I told them to design that side BEAUTIFUL and clean... then we laced the heart with yarn, representing how when we ask Jesus into our hearts He fills our holes and gives us a new heart! : ) It was wonderful!! Here is a picture of them working on that.... 

Working on their hearts... 

Putting dirt on the sin side of their hearts. 

So for now... those are two newer things going on in my life! : ) Im pretty excited about them both... I am still have bible study with two wonderful girls here that have been such a blessing to me! : ) There are some exciting new changes coming my way soon.... i will write more about that later! : )) 

And also coming up... we are headed to a Game Park (Safari park) after Thanksgiving so I'm pretty excited about that too!! 

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