Monday, February 21, 2011

February times.

Hello all. I am so very sorry that I dont write out what is going on more! I will try to do better. So I dont have too much on my mind at the moment but I will tell you what has been going on around here! 
First off language class is still in session 5 hours a day and I am trying my hardest to soak up all I can before classes end (which I have no clue when that will be). I have learned a lot since I have been here including a ton of language. I have learned how to give my testimony in Portuguese which I got to give in church a couple Sundays ago. I have also learned better how to read and formulate sentences in Portuguese these tools helped me when I got to teach Sunday School for the children this past Sunday. Although my language is not super well enough that I could ask tons of questions, so my wonderful friend Wanne helped me out in the area. However about Sunday School, what an amazing experience. I got to teach children the story of the Paralyzed man who was healed by Jesus. The church they were at is a new church and most likely none of them have ever heard this story. Humbling isnt it, How many times have we heard this story? I think without ever looking it up most of the people I know could tell me the general idea. But these children have never heard this wonderfully amazing Bible stories. Their eyes were glued to the book and it was a really neat experience. I plan on helping with that class every week that I can! So keep that in your prayers! These kids are hearing about the life of Jesus for the first time. This will impact their lives for eternity. 

Also I got to see the Jesus Film for the first time this past week. We went out to a place where there was no road really, and I could never get back there even if I tried. The film was set up and lots of people made their way to see the film that told about Jesus' Life. Incredible. This one film has been made into many different languages and here in Mozambique is used quite frequently to share the Gospel with people! It was a neat thing to see. 

Also Valentine's Day was this week and man am I blessed to have people that love me here. I got flowers and chocolate and we went to a fancy dinner (which if you lived here you would see that that is almost impossible). But there is one place that is nicer than the others. It is in one of the tallest buildings in Quelimane and so we got to look out over the whole town and the water. It was so nice. I am blessed to live here with these people. 

Other than those things life is pretty calm here for now. We are making more friends slowly and learning new things, like how to drive (I havent really taken a chance at that yet, but my roommate Jessica drives so we now have a car to use!). Everyday I find new things to like about Quelimane. Its not too bad of a place really! : ) I do know that I can not wait until we get to dive into University Ministry. We have no idea what that looks like at the moment but soon hopefully we will! 

Keep in prayer Suzanna and her beautiful daughters as well as Carla and her family! These women have already made such a huge impact on my life and I am blessed that God allows me to be a part of their lives daily! Also we have two men in March coming to do a leadership teaching for some of the pastors, so keep that in your prayers as well! 

Everything is well... so I will write later! : ) Thank you everyone for your prayer and support! 

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